Kelly McCann Photography

Exhibitions, publications and awards


August 2017: Five honourable mentions (architecture), Monovisions Photography Awards 2017.

June 2017: 'Abstraction' contest winner. Viewbug online creative community.

May 2017: Full page print published in Digital Photographer magazine.

May 2017: 'Fine Art' group exhibition. Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece.

May 2017: 'Chiaroscuro' group exhibition. Darkroom Gallery, Vermont, USA.

April 2017: 'Monochrome' group exhibition. Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece.

November 2016: Four honourable mentions (architecture and fine art), Neutral Density Awards 2016

November 2016: Six honourable mentions (architecture), International Photography Awards 2016.

January 2016: Honourable mention (architecture), Monochrome Photography Awards 2015.

November 2011: 'Downtown' solo exhibition. Underground Gallery, London, UK.

January 2010: 'Shop Front Churches' solo exhibition. Viewfinder Gallery, London, UK.

May 2006: First Class Honours degree in Photography and Digital Imaging. Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK.


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