I achieved a first class degree in Photography and Digital Imaging at Leeds Met University.

Having lived in hyperactive cities for the majority of my life, from London to Hong Kong to New York, I have always been drawn to the urban landscape and the quiet that can be found when we look for it. My most recent work emphasises the presence of nature in the built environment, and the co-existence of hard structures and organic form.


My strongest influences come from the photography of the first half of the 20th century, particularly the aesthetics of Paul Strand, Edward Weston and Walker Evans.​

I am currently based in London.

Exhibitions and publications:

2021 - Self published fine art photo book, "Fragile"

2017 - Issues 187 and 193, Digital Photographer Magazine.

January 2017 - Urban Unveils the City and its Secrets Volume 3, photobook by dotART Association, urban photography awards.

2011 - Solo Exhibition: Downtown. The Underground Gallery, Charing Cross, London.

2009 - Solo Exhibition: Shop Front Churches. The Viewfinder Gallery, Greenwich, London.