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My creative practice has moved around over the years but it's never drifted too far from the exploration of urban space and architecture.

The final destination for each photograph is a response to the individual nature of the subject I am framing. I want to showcase the essence of a place, like a portrait, whether that be by highlighting fine detail or by centre staging an entire structure. The impact that framing can have on a subject, either with darkness and light or with negative space, can be fun to explore. 

I find myself drawn to the potential for whimsical, romantic and cinematic moods which sometimes present themselves immediately, sometimes through time spent dwelling suspiciously at the physical scene, or even through the post processing stage of the journey.

I also have a soft spot for traditional cityscapes with long exposures that tranquilise the cluttered sprawl.

My toolkit consists of a digital SLR camera, neutral density filters, a tripod, and varying degrees of post processing.

I achieved a first class degree in photography and digital imaging at Leeds Met University.

I am currently based in London and can regularly be found at the monthly Spitalfields Arts Market and the Greenwich arts and crafts market.

Exhibitions and publications:

2021 - Self published fine art photo book, "Fragile"

2017 - Issues 187 and 193, Digital Photographer Magazine.

January 2017 - Urban Unveils the City and its Secrets Volume 3, photobook by dotART Association, urban photography awards.

2011 - Solo Exhibition: Downtown. The Underground Gallery, Charing Cross, London.

2009 - Solo Exhibition: Shop Front Churches. The Viewfinder Gallery, Greenwich, London.

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