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Hong Kong is a city of limited square footage and on the densely built up north side of Hong Kong Island, the peaks and hills push the soaring landmark architecture to the very edges of the shore. There are two or three main thoroughfares connected by narrower streets, steps and hills, which are brimming with noise, traffic, people, trams and buses, all competing for their bit of space. 


Step off of these streets and there is another, more hidden system. The in between. The cramped, dark slithers of in between spaces that fight for a glimpse of the daylight slicing through the colossal surroundings.


Daylight Darkness documents the aesthetics of Hong Kong’s alleyways. The eerie impact of the shadows cast by the imposing buildings or by crudely erected awnings; the variations in colour and tone brought about by mixing natural and artificial light, illuminating a section of space or a collection of essential, utilitarian objects. 


This is what it looks like in the in between.

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