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The urbanised areas of Hong Kong are a chaotic clash of buildings and life. Life that exists in the interiors and on the exteriors of its buildings. Windows, tons and tons of windows. Curtains, signs, pipes, air con units, wires, lights, laundry. Flats, offices, shops, markets. Residential and commercial buildings are squeezed in together and on top of each other. It is hectic and relentless.


In the midst of all this, it is a struggle to find any quiet in the appearance of the urban landscape. However there is one thing that can bring some calm to the noise and that is, surprisingly, the scaffolding. Bamboo is the material of choice. It is adeptly put together by hand and constructed across often immense tower blocks and skyscrapers. These intricate mazes, an art in themselves, bring about an order to the chaos. Add to this the huge expanse of translucent fabric that hangs over and around the bamboo and the eyes have a moment to relax. These cloaks envelop the bamboo and the building inside, with all of its disorder and confusion, in a beautiful texture that is accentuated by sunlight. For a temporary period of time, this building is at rest.

'Urban Settle' is driven by a mixture of rebellion against the claustrophobic nature of urban Hong Kong, and a love of minimalism and clean images. Surrounding buildings and objects have been removed to reveal an alternative view of Hong Kong's cluttered streets and structures and to celebrate the majesty of its famous bamboo scaffolding.

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